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WordPress Website Support

We are here to help with copy changes, picture updates, resolving order issues, changing page layouts, or anything else that comes up! The best part: no monthly retainer and no commitments. We are here to help make your WordPress website work, not add more work to your plate.

WordPress Itself

Building a WordPress website is completely different from maintaining it. No two sites are alike and making changes or debugging all the while keeping the site online is something few can accomplish, successfully.

Plugin Customization

To help make each and every WordPress website operate exactly how it needs to plugins are installed. Within those plugins, sometimes features need to be added, tweaked, or fixed. That’s where we come in!

Bug Smashing

If a WordPress website isn’t regularly updated (plugins, theme, and the core itself) a whole lot can go wrong. When sometimes does go wrong, we’re here to help fix those errors, blank white screens, and more.

Virus/Malware Cleanup

With WordPress as a platform running ~27% of all accessible websites today, having a website compromised is a matter of when not if. We’re here to help pick up the pieces and clean up so everything can go back to normal.

WooCommerce Support

WooCommerce is actually a plugin for WordPress, so with its extensive feature set and own add-on plugins a site can become complicated and confusing to know where to go to fix any issues that arise.

Empathy & Explanation

We’ve all been there clicking the wrong button or just stumped on how to do something. We are professional techy jargon interpreters and take great pride in helping our clients fix the site so it’s where it needs to be.

We Can't Wait to Get Started!