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WordPress Website PageSpeed Optimization

In today’s day and age of websites, it’s critical that the site is quick and loads on all devices regardless of the internet connection. We are helping fill those gaps with our new PageSpeed Optimization service with CloudFlare™.

Upgraded CDN

This service includes CloudFlare™'s Enterprise-Grade CDN access. This means faster load times, faster response rates, and quicker server communications.

Media Compression

CloudFlare™ will compress images and media further than what we offer with our standard hosting to ensure that every bit and byte is as small as they can be.

Dynamic Page Caching

The real win here with this service is that a WordPress website is now directly supported, cached, and distributed across CloudFlare™'s edge network with ease.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Expectation: We always ask for up to two (2) business days for a response to any new request.

Reality: You’ll usually hear from us within a couple of hours letting you know it’s fixed or the estimated date of completion.

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