WordPress Website Management

Often with WordPress websites the plugins, theme, and core updates go ignored. This is a major security and compliance risk for any site. Does Google only update their site once every couple of years? No, they update it daily. We’re here to help ensure that your website gets the same treatment.

Cloud Backups

In the event of data loss or a hack, being able to recover the site in the state it was in previously is critical. That’s why we back up every site, every day.

Updates Completed

We’ll ensure that all of the WordPress plugin, theme, and WordPress core updates are completed in an effective and efficient manner. All without disturbing visitors.

Database Optimization

We comb the database on a daily basis to ensure that all of the bloat, excess, and unnecessary data is removed for the most optimal performance possible.

Google Analytics™

We integrate Google Analytics™ into each client WordPress website to ensure the visitor statistics are captured. This helps clients with making decisions regarding their online presence.

Uptime Monitoring

24/7/365 always online monitoring for your client's WordPress websites. The moment a site isn't accessible, we're notified in near moments to get it back online and available once more.

PageSpeed™ Ranking

We leverage Google's PageSpeed™ tool to scan and evaluate each WordPress website for its loading time and overall score. These statistics are perfect opportunities for optimization pitches.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

We gather every update detected over a 7 day period and update them each Tuesday. Our Uptime Monitoring will let us know if an update goes rogue to ensure the WordPress website is still online.

Expectation: We always ask for up to two (2) business days for a response to any new request.

Reality: You’ll usually hear from us within a couple of hours letting you know it’s fixed or the estimated date of completion.

We Can't Wait to Get Started!