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WordPress Website Hosting

Ensuring your client’s digital storefront, company, or organization WordPress website is online, loads blazing fast, and without any errors is more important than ever before. No matter if they are just starting out or if they are an established brand, we have the servers to meet and exceed expectations.

Custom Linux Servers

We don’t just rent servers from another provider and charge a markup. We’re literally building each and every server for your clients. Resources are monitored and carefully shared.

Near Zero Overhead

We don’t use resource-hogging hosting panels. On average, our services use less than 0.5% of the CPU and ~2 MB of RAM. Your client literally gets what they are paying for as we only use 0.2%.

Hosting Done Right

We don’t pack server towers with thousands of sites and expect it to work. We build a unique shared server that will have at most 10 WordPress websites on it at one time.

WordPress Cloud Media

We move the WordPress media library to a separate dedicated cloud. For image, video-heavy sites, or large WooCommerce websites the client's site will load even faster.

Near Limitless Uploads

Our WordPress hosted websites have a default upload limit of 256 MB. That’s 1/4 of a GB! So no more have to compress or sacrifice clarity in order to upload to the website.

Everyone Gets a Firewall

We setup a cloud firewall then combine it with a smart firewall locally on the server. As the firewall learns more about the website’s behavior, it proactively protects in real-time.

Server Updates Included

Often with dedicated hosting, an IT admin is needed to maintain the server. We take care of that and is included with our hosting, we’ll take care of the server's health automagically.

Server-Side Caching

Instead of using a plugin on the WordPress website that just creates more overhead for the site, we use a native service to cache, serve, and push to the CDN in near real-time.

Server Hardening

As hackers get more creative with malicious methods, we adapt and implement all modern security measures for our servers each and every day, week, and month.

Global CDN

We link each and every managed site to CloudFlare™. We use this to help with security and to use its insanely fast and reliable CDN to help each client's site reach everyone.

No Bandwidth Limits

We honestly mean unlimited bandwidth. There isn’t a hidden common use clause or an asterisk with terms to read. The client's WordPress website won’t be limited by the traffic it has.

WooCommerce Included

All of our hosting plans can operate, support, and expand a WordPress website with WooCommerce running on it. Even on the entry plan, the WooCommerce site loads in seconds.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the wondrous, often technical jargon-filled, world that is website hosting. Most companies are here to ‘wow’ you with all of these fancy terms and near-limitless everything. We are happy to hop on the phone and explain any and all terms, configurations, and even help compare our hosting to other providers so you can see which is the better option.

Yes, we can and that’s a free service with any new hosting subscription. We have our migration tool that grabs everything from your current hosting setup, even if you don’t have access to the database or server. All that is needed is administrative level access to the backend of the site.

Expectation: We always ask for up to two (2) business days for a response to any new request.

Reality: You’ll usually hear from us within a couple of hours letting you know it’s fixed or the estimated date of completion.

We Can't Wait to Get Started!