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We believe in complete transparency in our pricing.
All of our offerings are month to month, because you deserve total flexibility for your business.

Your ambitions, now affordable.

For Indvidual Professionals and Startups
Fully Managed

Keyword Tracking

Monitoring Only

With this offering, we monitor the website’s rank within Google using designated keywords and key phrases.


Per Website, Per Month

For Established Businesses
Fully Managed

Keyword Tracking

Research + Monitoring

With this offering, we research and recommend keywords and key phrases to increase the website rank in Google.


Per Website, Per Month


Additional cost-effective managed offerings to complement keyword development.

One-Time Options

  • One-time keyword ranking report
    One-Time Keyword Ranking Report $50.00 / request

    - We audit the website's keywords
    - We compare the discovered keywords globally
    - We share the website's rank within Google

  • One-time performance review
    One-Time Performance Review $150.00 / request

    - We review the website's analytics
    - We review competitor search performance
    - We develop a keyword strategy recommendation
    - We help capitalize on any ongoing trends

Recurring Options

  • Ongoing keyword tracking increase
    Ongoing Keyword Tracking Increase $50.00 / website / month

    - Up to 250 keywords

  • Ongoing copy updates
    Ongoing Copy Updates $100.00 / website / month

    - We rewrite the content of the website
    - We optimize the content to match the keywords
    - We will work on up to two page's worth of copy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are keywords or key phrases?

Keywords for websites are carefully chosen words or phrases that play a crucial role in search engine optimization by enhancing a website's visibility in search results. By providing a positive user experience through high-quality content is a fundamental goal in the goal for better search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.

How do you know our competitor's statistics?

Well, we don't know who you consider to be your competitor, so that's why we have quarterly performance review meetings. These meetings go over the goals, competition, and measurable achievements that you can come to expect. Once we know who the competition is, we get into gear here to see what they are ranking for and how we can help you rank higher.

What is position tracking?

Keyword position tracking, also referred to as keyword rank tracking, is an integral component of search engine optimization. It entails the systematic monitoring of where specific keywords or key phrases selected for a website's content, products, or services stand within search engine results pages over time. Through this analysis, we can identify successful strategies, adapt to changes, and set goals for enhancing the website's presence in search results, thereby driving increased organic traffic.

What is in a performance review?

Our definition of a performance review is evaluating where the site stands at that moment for it's keyword ranking, reviewing analytics for organic traffic visitors, going over what the competition is utilizing, and then strategizing any changes needed to capture more organic traffic over the next few months until the next meeting.

What is organic traffic on a website?

Organic traffic refers to the visitors who arrive at a website through unpaid, natural search engine results rather than through paid advertising or other promotional methods. Organic traffic is considered highly valuable in digital marketing and website analytics, as it often indicates that a website's content is relevant, authoritative, and well-optimized for search engines, driving users who are genuinely interested in the website's offerings.

Why do we need to change the content of the site?

Optimizing the copy of a website is essential because it significantly enhances the website's visibility in search engine results. By aligning the content with carefully selected keywords or key phrases relevant to the site's content or offerings, websites can attract organic traffic from users actively searching for those terms. This targeted traffic increases the likelihood of reaching and engaging with the intended audience, leading to higher conversion rates and improved overall website performance.

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