Managed SEO

Why We Help

To keep a competitive edge in today’s world of websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical piece of any business’ online strategy. SEO is an ever-evolving target that can be difficult to constantly keep up with. This is where partnering with an expert in SEO can be beneficial!

We have over a decade of experience implementing a variety of SEO strategies in place for our clients to see them climb the search results. We handle all of the technical measures and recommendations by Google to ensure that the website is built to operate in the most effective manner possible.

What We Do

On-Page SEO Evaluation

Within our reporting system, we provide an in-depth evaluation of what each page should contain in order to rank as high as possible. If the page is missing any details, we share exactly what it needs.

Keyword Tracking

We can help keep track of the keywords that the website is presently ranking for and provide recommendations for new keywords. This way you can effectively reach a bigger audience of new clients.

Real-Time Reporting

Unlike other SEO providers, we don't provide a PDF report weekly or monthly, we provide you a real-time link to a web page report that will reflect improvements the moment they are implemented.

Performance Check

One of the scoring requirements by Google is how well the website performs. We help monitor that and isolate where improvements are needed to ensure you have the fastest loading site possible.

Social Impact Overview

We can help monitor the impact of posts across your Facebook Page/Group, Twitter account, LinkedIn account, Instagram profile, Google Business listing, YouTube account, and TikTok account.

External Link Validation

Your website's authority online is determined by links on other sites to your site. We track who is pushing traffic to your site and provide recommendations to gain more links to your site so your search ranking rises.

Usability Accountability

One of the biggest requirements of websites today is their usability on a variety of devices. We help by evaluating how usable the site is on mobile devices and provide improvement options.

Multi-Page Evaluations

Typically SEO reports only evaluate one page, the home page. A site is more than just the home page, so that's why we provide our comprehensive reporting tool for all pages of your website to be evaluated.

Friendly Support

While we provide all of the recommendations to increase your site's Google ranking, we won't leave you to do this by yourself. Our experts are here at your service to help implement the suggestions.

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How Much Does It Cost


per month
per website

Report Only Access

Unlimited access to the real-time SEO report.


per month
per website

Managed SEO

Unlimited access to the real-time SEO report, plus 2 hours of support each month.

  • Keyword Tracking Included

    We'll help see how the site ranks based on a set of keywords.

  • Competitor Keyword Ranking Included

    We can help keep track of how your competitors rank.

  • On-Page SEO Evaluation Included

    We'll provide a comprehensive audit of each page for improvements.

  • Real-Time Reporting Included

    Instead of static PDF reports, you gain access to a dynamic web page based report.

  • Performance Audit Included

    We help your site perform at it's best by auditing it's loading time.

  • Social Media Monitoring Included

    We'll check all of the company's social accounts and monitor the posts impact.

  • Friendly, Ongoing Support Included

    Our team is here at your service to help implement any SEO strategy.

  • Backlink Tracking Included

    We'll monitor and share what are the top sites referring traffic.

  • Usability Scoring Included

    We'll audit how the site performs and looks on mobile devices.

  • Multi-Page Scoring Included

    You can have any page evaluated, at any time.

We'd love to show you why our clients
partner with us for 6+ years on average!

We'd love to show you why our clients partner with us for 6+ years on average!