Managed Plugins

Why We Help

When it comes to WordPress, there are many amazing plugins out there that help add functionality, customizations, and features that really make each site unique. For a typical website, there are roughly ten plugins installed and for eCommerce there can be dozens. Keeping track of licenses, renewal dates, and making sure that the license is active on the correct website is a challenge within itself.

This is where we come in! We take care of this headache for you and display all of that information within our portal for you to track and reference. The best part, we’ll even take care of the billing of the plugins too. This means that you only have to worry about one bill from one source, rather than keeping track of that yourself.

What We Do

Consolidated Billing

If there are six different plugins from eight different providers, we'll handle it. If there is a recurring fee, no sweat, that is in the client portal here for you to look at any time.

Central Storage

We'll keep all of the code, licensing documents, and anything else provided to each plugin organized and linked to each site the plugin is activated or used on.

Don't Pay Extra

This service is completely free for all of our clients. We don't charge any markup or processing fees. All you are responsible for is the listed price from the developer.

How Much Does It Cost

The Cost of the Plugin

There's no markup on our end
  • Storage of Plugin Files Included

    We'll keep each plugin's files, licenses, and any other information organized for you.

  • Cost of Service Included

    This is seriously free, you don't pay extra for this. You only pay what the plugin developer charges.

  • Consolidated Licensing Included

    No matter how many plugins you have, we'll keep things simple and organized for you.

We'd love to show you why our clients
partner with us for 6+ years on average!

We'd love to show you why our clients partner with us for 6+ years on average!