Managed Maintenance

Why We Help

When it comes to WordPress, it’s one of the most popular platforms to build a website on today. The ease of use, customization ability, and plugins available make it an easy choice for any business to use. Though with running a WordPress website, there are updates constantly. Ensuring that WordPress itself is always kept up to date, the theme files, and the plugins is a critical step to keep a site secure and running smoothly. This is where we help!

When was the last time you logged in and updated anything on the site? Days, Weeks, Months?

We help keep the site updated and protected from malicious attacks, automatically. Plus on top of keeping the site updated, we scan it for any malware, and will clean up the site for you for free!

What We Do

Updates, Check

We’ll ensure that all of the WordPress plugin, theme, and WordPress core updates are completed in an effective and efficient manner. All without disturbing visitors.

Database, Check

We evaluate the database on a daily basis to ensure that all of the bloat, excess, and unnecessary data is removed for the most optimal performance possible.

Security, Check

We scan each site every day for any malicious code or files. If something is detected, then we go into clean up mode to remove the code and get the site back to proper order.

Backups, Check

In the event of data loss or a hack, being able to recover the site in the state it was in previously is very important! That’s why we back up every site, every day.

Uptime, Check

24/7/365 always online monitoring for every website. The moment a site isn't accessible, we are immediately notified to get it working and back online!

Completely Custom

Every month, we'll deliver a summarized report that outlines all of the efforts performed over the last 30 days. This is our way of staying true to our promises.

How Much Does It Cost


per month
per website

Report Only

Monthly report generation of all updates performed. Reports are branded to your agency.

Cloud Backups, Malware Scanning, and Malware Cleanup not included.


per month
per website

Managed Maintenance

The complete experience of fully managed maintenance of the website.

  • Automated WordPress Updates Included

    We'll update the core files of WordPress and check to make sure nothing visually is broken.

  • Automated Theme Updates Included

    We'll update the theme files and make sure nothing visually is broken.

  • Automated Plugin Updates Included

    We'll update the plugin files and make sure nothing visually is broken.

  • Database Health Checks Included

    We'll verify that the website isn't bloated and running smoothly.

  • Malware Scanning Included

    We'll scan the site daily for any malware.

  • Malware Cleanup Included

    Any time that malware is detected, we'll clean up the site, for free.

  • Offsite Cloud Backups Included

    We backup the site every day and store the data offsite so it's always recoverable.

  • Uptime Monitoring Included

    We'll monitor the site to ensure that it stays online, and fix things when it isn't.

  • Monthly Reporting Included

    You'll receive a report every month on the various work that's completed and updates performed.

We'd love to show you why our clients
partner with us for 6+ years on average!

We'd love to show you why our clients partner with us for 6+ years on average!