Managed Hosting

Why We Help

Websites are a requirement for any company today, whether it’s just to advertise the services all the way up to selling products online. Making sure that the site loads quickly, and correctly, is the second most important part. While there are dozens of choices of hosting providers throughout the world that can host your website, where we are different is that we actually take care of your site, not just host it.

Other hosting providers put the responsibility of security and updating the server itself sometimes, solely on you, which we don’t think is fair. That’s where our managed hosting offering comes into play.

What We Do

Every Setup is Unique

We don’t just rent servers from another provider and charge a markup. We build each and every server for our clients. No two sites are the same and neither are the servers.

Proper Allocation

We don’t pack our towers with thousands of sites and expect it to work. We build scalable infrastructure that automatically adds more processing power when it's needed.

Enterprise Cloudflare

Unlike other providers, we don't put you on the free Cloudflare plan, we power the site through the Enterprise offering. That means the fastest load times possible.

Large Files Supported

Our hosted websites have a default upload limit of 100 MB. No more have to compress or sacrifice clarity in order to display a picture, video, or any other media on the site!

Next Level Protection

We setup a cloud firewall then combine it with a smart firewall locally on the server. As the firewall learns more about the website’s behavior, it proactively protects in real-time.

Server Updates Included

Often with dedicated hosting, an IT admin is needed to maintain the server. We take care of that and is included with our hosting, we’ll take care of the server's health.

Server-Side Caching

Instead of using a plugin on the WordPress website that just creates more overhead for the site, we use a native service to cache, serve, and push that to Cloudflare's edge network in near real-time.

Cloudflare WAF

As hackers get more creative with getting into websites, we aim to adapt and stay ahead of them. We leverage Cloudflare's Web Application Firewall to help stay one step ahead of any malicious activity.

Unlimited Traffic

We honestly mean unlimited bandwidth and visitors. There isn’t a hidden common use clause or an asterisk with terms to read. The website won’t be limited and is empowered to grow to a bigger audience.

WooCommerce Welcome

We don't charge extra or throttle WooCommerce website deployments. Each site gets the exact same priority and access to the same resources. We enjoy seeing eCommerce sites grow each and every day!

Multisites Welcome

No matter what the size of the network that your WordPress Multisite setup is, we have the scalability to meet those needs. From a handful of sites to hundreds, we are here to showcase true hosting speed and service for the network.

No-Impact Migrations

Moving to a different hosting provider is convenient, easy, and painless with our complementary migration service. We have a decade of experience that will prevent any outages from arising during the hosting platform change.

How Much Does It Cost

Post Pay Hosting

You are billed for exactly what you use. Perfect for low traffic sites.


per month
per GB of bandwidth used



per month
per GB of storage used

Prepaid Hosting

Savings for allocated resources. Ideal for high traffic sites.


per month
per GB of bandwidth used



per month
per GB of storage used
  • Unparalleled Performance Included

    Servers are monitored closely to ensure optimal performance.

  • Cloudflare Enterprise Included

    No separate subscription needed.

  • Large File Uploads Included

    No more getting errors files are too big when uploading to the site.

  • Cloudflare WAF Included

    Enhanced next-level protection for your website.

  • Server Updates Included

    We'll keep the servers updated and secured.

  • Blazing Flast Load Speeds Included

    With Cloudflare's edge network powering the site, everything will load in a blink of the eye.

  • Complementary Migrations Included

    We'll help get you on the right start by moving your existing website over, for free.

  • Unlimited Visitors Included

    We won't throttle or limit the website based on how many people are visiting.

  • WooCommerce Supported Included

    No more slow checkouts and missed sale opportunities!

  • Multisite Supported Included

    Truly scalable hosting that will allow the network to grow.

We'd love to show you why our clients
partner with us for 6+ years on average!

We'd love to show you why our clients partner with us for 6+ years on average!