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With this offering, we set up and monitor all of the technical aspects needed to successfully deliver notifications, authentication codes, and other required emails for users.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you all manage with this service?

We implement and manage the necessary DNS records (MX, SPF, DKIM) to ensure the highest deliverability. Also we keep track of every email sent and provide in-depth analytics on each email that you can review at any time.

What is integrated API support?

We can supply the details and help your technical team actually program in the transactional email service into whichever app or website that you'd like to be able to send emails. SMTP is the more traditional route, though the API integration allows you to have a more robust connection.

How many emails can I send a month?

Unlimited. We really mean that, there is no limit to the amount of emails that you can send a month.

How does click tracking work?

The links that are in the emails that are sent are replaced with a redirect URL at a custom domain that we manage. Once that redirect link is loaded, it instantly loads the actual content that is linked. The email opener won't see a difference on their end when viewing the email.

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