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We believe in complete transparency in our pricing.
All of our offerings are month to month, because you deserve total flexibility for your business.

Your ambitions, now affordable.

For Marketing Departments
Fully Managed

Email Marketing

Send Only

With this offering, we equip you with all of the technical aspects needed to have successful deliveries for each campaign.


Per Contact, Per Month
*Minimum 2,500 Contacts*

For Startups and Small Business
Fully Managed

Email Marketing

Design, Code, + Send

With this offering, we handle all aspects for you by doing the design, coding, and delivery of each email for each campaign.


Per Contact, Per Month
*Minimum 2,500 Contacts*


Additional cost-effective managed offerings to complement any email marketing effort.

One-Time Options

  • One-time email campaign design
    One-Time Email Campaign Design $325.00 / request

    - We design a single email
    - We code the design
    - We verify responsiveness

  • One-time email campaign coding
    One-Time Email Campaign Coding $150.00 / request

    - We code your design
    - We verify responsiveness

Recurring Options

  • Ongoing email campaign design
    Ongoing Email Campaign Design $375.00 / month

    - We design up to 2 emails
    - We code up to 2 emails
    - We verify responsiveness on up to 2 emails

  • Ongoing email campaign coding
    Ongoing Email Campaign Coding $225.00 / month

    - We code up to of your 2 emails
    - We verify responsiveness on up to 2 emails

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does optimal deliverability mean?

How we stand out from other email marketing platforms is that we handle all of the technical requirements at setup, and ongoing, that are required for sending emails. We ensure each email is tested for deliverability so that way each campaign has the highest chance to land in the recipient's inbox.

How many emails can I send a month?

Unlimited. We really mean that, there is no limit to the amount of emails that you can send a month.

What are 3rd party CRM integrations?

One of the features here with the email marketing platform is that we can sync in real time contacts and leads from your CRM software. Plus each time those entries sync, we can setup automations so as your team works on the contacts targeted emails can automatically be sent to them.

What is the Email Campaign Design/Code service?

Instead of having to build the emails in really simple editors that limit what you can do, we partner you with one of our designers to build an email that you actually love. Then our experienced team hand codes the email into the platform to be sent out at the scheduled time. No effort or stress for you.

I have an online store, can I use this service?

Definitely! We can help prevent abandoned carts being forgotten by sending email reminders and other useful automations within our offering. Most platforms automatically integrate and we can implement the strategy that keeps customers engaged.

Can I send transactional emails with this?

This is service only allows promotional and marketing emails, though we do have a transactional service. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

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